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The PeaceWorks department develops educational presentations and training programs that focus on the issues of domestic and sexual violence. These programs are designed specifically for business professionals, educators, community organizations, and members of the greater public. The programs are delivered by PeaceWorks educators in conjunction with other members of BWIC or the greater community whose expertise is relevant to the topic being covered.

63-Hour Training
This intensive training session is designed to educate all staff and volunteers who work directly with victims of domestic violence or sexual assault. Anyone who wants to learn more about the victimization of domestic and sexual assaults may attend. It is offered several times a year. THe Spring session is held Tuesday and Thursday mornings, and the Fall session is held Monday and Wednesday evenings. In the winter, we also conduct the training at Kutztown University, primarily for their students and staff, but the public may attend on a space-available basis.

Educational Programs
The following curricula are designed specifically for school age students. Most presentations are delivered directly in the classroom; some are for larger groups or assemblies, and others are designed to reach out to smaller groups of children or youth over a 10-week period. Included with each curriculum booklet are in-service topics available for teachers, administrators, guidance counselors and other school staff. These presentations offer educators several opportunities to learn and understand the effects of domestic violence and sexual assault on children.

Elementary School Teachers and Guidance Counselors

Middle School/High School Teachers and Guidance Counselors

Child Care Providers

Community Speaking
Members of PeaceWorks are available to speak to your organization. Simply the PeaceWorks Department at 610-373-1206 for more information.

Public Awareness Displays
Berks Women in Crisis provides several opportunities to raise public awareness of the toll that domestic violence and sexual assault has on our community.

The Silent Witness Project is one of these public awareness displays. This moving and mobile display clearly illustrates the impact of domestic violence by using life-size red silhouetted figures. Each figure represents a Berks County murder victim who died at the hands of a batterer. Each one bears a gold shield which tells the individual’s story. To view an electronic version of the Silent Witnesses, click here.

Other displays that bring awareness and education to the public include The Clothesline Project, The Shoe Project and The Empty Place at the Table©.

To have the Silent Witnesses or other public awareness displays visit your location, contact Berks Women in Crisis at 610-373-1206.

Letters of Support
Berks Women in Crisis continually receives letters of support and recommendation for our services and programs. To read a sampling of these letters, click here.

Camp PeaceWorks
CAMPpeaceworks is an exciting project of Berks Women in Crisis’ PeaceWorks Department! Each year, the program recruits thirty to forty youth, currently in grades 8 through 11, who are interested in working on social justice issues in our community. Our camp is different from most summer day camps because campers explore with adults the root causes of violence in our society – the “isms,” such as sexism, racism, classism, heterosexism and adultism. Because of the issues being addressed at camp, we seek to recruit youth who are diverse in terms of gender, race, economic background, and sexual orientation. Working on these important issues is rewarding, but can be pretty challenging as well. That’s why plenty of recreation time (swimming, boating, hiking, and sports) is built into the schedule, as well as time for talking in small groups, journaling, and quiet time. All meals and snacks are provided, and all campers attend free of charge!

The purpose of CAMPpeaceworks is to create a youth-adult alliance to address social justice issues with the ultimate goal of creating a more peaceful society. The CAMPpeaceworks program is not just a week-long day camp; we encourage campers to take their newfound knowledge and awareness to the next level! Follow-up activities include weekly meetings and support for youth-initiated social justice projects in schools, faith-based institutions, and communities. To see a few pics of former camps, click here.

If you are interested in the CAMPpeaceworks program, contact us!

Read More About Camp (PDF)

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